Winter Wonderland

Angel German, Staff Writer

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The weather outside is frightful, but what are we really expecting for the winter of 2016-2017? As many of you may know, global warming is becoming increasingly worse and has caused a wide variety of weather phenomena. According to an outlook released by The Weather Company, “Winter 2016-17 may bring colder-than-average temperatures to the East early on, but this winter may end up warmer than average overall” ( This winter we are expecting an La Niña which means “sea surface temperatures in the central Pacific Ocean drop to lower-than-normal levels”( With a warmer winter on the way, there are sure to be things that people are excited for and scared about.
“I’m most excited for the first snow and the skiing after it,” said senior Cassandra Benthin. “My biggest fear is all of the ice this year because it warms up just enough then freezes again.” Because of icy conditions, large snowfall, freezing temperatures, and fog, we have already had five school cancellations. Winters are becoming increasingly more dangerous in Michigan. According to Michigan Tech. snowfall records, this December has had the most snowfall since 2009 rolling in at 74.50 inches. For some of us, this is an exciting thing to hear. Science teacher Nicole Karle said that she is most excited for “cross country skiing and snow in general.”
Even though this winter might become rough, there should be plenty of fun to look forward to if you’re a snow-loving person. If you absolutely hate snow, at least you can grab a warm cup of tea and appreciate that this winter will probably be less cold than those of recent years.

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Winter Wonderland