Journalism: Its Importance and Role in Society

Aria Griffin, Staff Writer

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Especially in today’s society, and at all costs, it is common knowledge at this point that we need to know what happens around us and in the world we live in. For the most part, we do pretty well at this, and we have many discussions about the things that we see either as a personal witness or in some form of media. Due to technology as well, there are so many ways to get notified nowadays. We, as human beings, love to consume information that might cause an emotional appeal or maybe for other purposes. Regardless, we read it or see it in order for it to solicit a reaction. Since there are so many ways now to receive information about anything you choose, there is one form that is the basis of the news, exactly where and how these things are published for the public to read and consume them. That would be what we know as journalism.
There are many people who know what journalism is and what purpose it serves for society, but we do seem to forget what is important about it and why it is important. It is a form of writing which is published for the main purpose of informing the masses about the events that are going on either near where they live or around the world. “Citizens need to know what is happening in their society; free press is guaranteed by the first Amendment of our Constitution. An informed electorate is better able to protect itself against fascism. Written word is a very powerful tool, and we need a press free and truthful, a vital force in democratic society,” substitute teacher Mrs. Murray said. It is, in a way, a communicative source to help people choose to make good decisions in their lives based on what is happening around them. That is what journalism brings to the table when it comes to playing a positive role in our world. With all of this being said, there is a sense that some people might have taken journalism for granted or have forgotten its importance.
There is a simple explanation for this as well. Most of the time these days, people don’t tend to look to news for information anymore. Sure, there is still a portion of society who still reads newspapers and watches the news daily, but for the most part, it isn’t that simple anymore. Technology might be the most to blame for this. You can practically look at anything you want to, news withstanding too. So with this in mind, the power that this tool gives us is possibly causing many of us to forget about how useful journalism was and still is to society. Another major factor as to why journalism is important is accuracy. It is a really important characteristic of media writing, especially when it is directed towards an audience for consumption. Like stated before, we have so many resources we could use for getting news. Because of this, it can cause people to write just about anything and call it news, completely disregarding any type of research on their topics, just for money. Fake news is very common nowadays, and it gives journalism a bad name. Not to say that all of the news stories that we see and hear about are fake, but all of the stories and events that we see, read, and hear had to be recorded in some manner in order for you to know about them and intake the information any way you see fit. This form of writing is imperative to us, and the reason why it still stands, tall and it probably will be the way that information to the masses is transferred to their TV, newspaper, internet, etc. This issue gives another factor as to why more people should become journalists themselves. I certainly believe that this issue would definitely be a start in the process of ridding our society of gossip and lies. The world doesn’t need to see any of that, and all it is doing is causing people to believe it. “Pay attention in English class, write often and write daily, and be interested in the world around you,” Murray said. Journalism shouldn’t be taken for granted, and we should never forget why it serves a great purpose in our lives.

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Journalism: Its Importance and Role in Society