Ukrit Hirunwatsin

MaKayla Munn, Staff Writer

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From Thailand, 16-year-old Urkit Hirunwatsin, is a foreign exchange student at Three Rivers High School. Hirunwatsin came to America to study and travel. He decided to come to America to be a foreign exchange student when he was very young. He is most looking forward to making new friends here in the U.S. His favorite subjects in school so far are art and physical education. He enjoys eating hamburgers and playing video games outside of school.
Hirunwatsin likes U.S. schools and says they’re “different and easier.” He says that U.S. schools are different from Thailand schools. In Thailand they don’t have lockers, and they start later than we do here in America. Hirunwatsin says the most significant difference in America is, “It’s too cold, it’s wetter, and the food is different.” The hardest things for him right now is missing his family and all the studying. From all of us here at TRHS, we wish you the best of luck here in America!

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Ukrit Hirunwatsin