Students’ School Irritations

Aria Griffin, Staff Writer

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As a direct follow up to the topic of teachers and their pet peeves, I want to shine some light on what the students of TRHS think bothers them most about school. Most teachers here know how some students are very vocal about what annoys them, and that in turn would cause them to be annoyed with them. When students do complain about school, it always seems to be little things such as waking up at the crack of dawn every day. Things of that nature. Nevertheless, it’s something all students have to deal with, even if we will never know why we have school so early in the day. Other than that, there are many things that different students would call irritating.

As just stated, school tends to have its things that someone might find stressful and nerve-wrecking while another person might not mind it as much. It all depends on the type of people they really are. There are many people who enjoy school and what they do in this environment while some others might not. It all comes down to preference. “Nothing much really bothers me about school, except that I have to stay up sometimes to complete some work I forget about almost every night,” senior Jennifer Briggs said. This doesn’t seem like something that would be a complaint to the school or the teachers. It is her responsibility; that is the key issue. It’s a little complaint that mostly all students here would have. They all have classes and all of them require some type of work to get a good grade and pass. We all know this, of course. It’s pretty much the only thing that you need to do while you’re in school for the time being.

For all TRHS students, just know that whatever might get on your nerves about school, whether it be a teacher, homework, or that it brings you a bunch of stress, just remember that high school is supposed to be the most memorable and happy experiences of your life. Don’t let it become a time that you will regret for the rest of your life. Little things like homework and teachers shouldn’t be your main problem. Every student will have to deal with that because they are the things that help you succeed and get where you want to be in life. “Even though I feel like I don’t feel like I like school all that much, I can say that it is a real benefit to me because it helps me become mature,” Briggs said. Just in the same way that the teachers put their all into making you successful, you have to do the same. Help them help you.

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Students’ School Irritations