Black Friday

Darian Martin, Staff Writer

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Black Friday, starting at the midnight of Thanksgiving and lasting the whole day on Friday is a day when you can snag the best deals. Even some catalogs for Wal-Mart or Peebles include coupons for Black Friday or advertisements and commercials where everything in their store is a certain percent off only on Black Friday. Why do stores choose to participate in this somewhat strange “holiday”?

Many stores earn some of their highest profits on Black Friday. The “black” in Black Friday relates to the businesses recording their losses in red and their gains in black. Black Friday is notoriously known for the rough fights and arguments over the last item with a great price. “All the great deals and the fights to get the deals interest me on black Friday,” said Mrs. Beck, the school’s secretary for the attendance office.

Many places like Wal-Mart, Target, and the stores in the mall send you catalogs and emails reminding everyone that Black Friday is approaching and to save coupons that can be used to get deals on top of deals. “All the electronics that go on sale is my favorite thing,” said Natalie Schlabach, junior. Some people choose not to go out and fight for the deals. “Now that I am older, and wiser, I don’t go,” said Ms. Gates, history teacher at TRHS.

Many people however, do go Black Friday shopping; some experience the fights and arguments over certain items. Some just go get what they want and go home for the night. Some just wait for Cyber Monday (the following Monday when everything goes on sale online). But if you do consider going Black Friday shopping, be careful; it can get dangerous out there!

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Black Friday