Romina Schneider

Sidnee Arney, Staff Writer

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From Switzerland, Romina Schneider is a 17 year old exchange student at TRHS. She came to the United States because she wanted to learn English, about different cultures, and wanted to see what it’s like to live as an american. Schneider is staying with Kelly and Ed Reed and is enjoying the school spirit. “We don’t have school teams and can’t play sports for our school, we have to play in clubs if we want to,” said Schneider. She says that the entire school system is different, and that in Switzerland they have different grades and ages that are out together. Like most countries in Europe, there are the same people in each class; the teachers are the ones that change classrooms.

Schneider says that she’s enjoying Three Rivers so far, but she misses her family and friends back home. Outside of school, she enjoys meeting with friends and hanging out, and in school her favorite class is cross training. Schneider’s exchange organization is YFU, which stands for Youth for Understanding, and offers teens a year or semester abroad to fully submerge them in a new cultures, like America. While learning better English, Schneider says, “I think it’s a great experience because I don’t have my mom here who always helps me with stuff so I have to find my own way.”

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Romina Schneider