Jason Sperry

Gigi Gioiosa, Junior Editor

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The TRHS staff has added a few more to their squad. The new Family and Consumer Science teacher Jason Sperry has decided to join the Wildcats this 2016-17 school year. Getting his undergraduate degree from Chapman University and then receiving his graduate degree from Western Michigan University, Mr. Sperry majored in Early Child Development and Family and Consumer Sciences.

He became interested in health early on during his intern teaching. “One of the classes I taught during my intern teaching experience was in parenthood. I really thought that teaching health was a good transition since teaching the reproductive system in parenthood class. I received feedback from my students that they enjoyed learning new information in a professional setting, and that solidified my desire to teach,” said Sperry.

Sperry knew right away that Three Rivers was the right place for him. “I really liked how at home I felt when I walked through the doors, and the faculty has been nothing but supportive,” said Sperry. TRHS has made the right decision with their new addition to their staff.

Everyone has their goals, and with being a teacher, you not only have goals for your students, but also for yourself. Sperry has set goals that will continue to motivate him throughout the years to come. “My personal goals are to become a soccer coach and work with student athletes to better their skills and learn the game mentally and physically. I also want to improve the knowledge of students in nutrition /foods, parenthood, and health to where I have a non-passing rate of less than 5 percent of students. I want to be nominated as a top teacher in the school within my first five years of teaching,” said Sperry. Students want teachers to support them, and Mr. Sperry is doing just that. Best of luck to the new Family and Consumer Science teacher, and to the rest of the new staff.

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  1. Gabrial Rankin on November 21st, 2016 9:33 am

    Your a hard man to find, Mr. Sperry.


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Jason Sperry