Night Shift

Steven Haigh, Staff Writer

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Apple has come out with an all new night shift mode for their IOS devices. “What is Night Shift Mode?” Asked freshman Bryce Kennedy. This mode enables the user to lower the amount of blue light radiated from their phones. The purpose of this feature is to allow the brain to sleep properly and give the user a full night’s rest. They would still be able to use their IOS device without it bothering their natural body timer. The night mode turns the screen to a warmer orange color. This warmer color doesn’t trick the brain into believing it is still daytime, unlike the usual blue colors the IOS devices normally radiate. Many users aren’t much atoned to the whole night mode. “It makes me mad; changing the color of the pictures,” said senior Isaiah Polly. The orange color isn’t normal and changes the way you view certain pictures and videos. The main reason for this feature is so that people can get to sleep. Sleep deprivation is a growing condition with many cell phone users due to the use of phones. This is because the light from cell phones is a blue light that replicates the color of the sky during the day; at least, that is how your brain perceives the colors. This bright blue light can affect your circadian rhythms. Also referred to as the body clock, the circadian rhythm is a cycle that tells our bodies when to sleep, rise, and eat. The bright blue light affects this by making it harder to sleep; the new Night Shift mode uses your IOS device’s clock and location to determine when it is sunset in your location, changing your display to a warmer end of the spectrum at night, then returning it to normal in the morning. Now, you can sleep normally and still play on your phone at night without worry. Sweet dreams.

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Night Shift