Choral Fest

Ricky Clements, Staff Writer

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This year the Aristocrats and Bella Voce choirs both earned excellent ratings from the festival and the Troubadours and Serenade choirs both earned good ratings. All the choirs at TR excel at what they do. “We practice sight-reading all year long, but we don’t start on our festival music until the beginning of January,” said Joel Moore, who is the choir teacher for all four choirs at the high school.

This year 67 choirs came from all over our district to TRHS to sing their selection of songs for the MSVMA District Choral Festival. This event is one that choirs perform two selections from which they receive a rating from three performance judges. They then go to an off-stage clinic and go to a sight-reading room where they receive ratings from both of the two performance types. After that all four of the judges’ scores are added to determine a final overall rating. The choirs are graded on a scale from developing, which is the lowest possible, to the highest which is excellent with superior distinction.

Since festival was held at TRHS students from our choirs had to miss their classes. “I didn’t like the fact that I had to miss my AP classes, but I liked that it went smoothly and everyone had fun,” said senior Sean Connelly. “Instead of having festival during school, I would have it during the weekend or after school,” said Connelly. Choral fest is a fun experience for everyone. “I think it is cool to see all the choirs come to our school, and to see what other choirs are out there,” said Connelly.

In order for the choirs to join, the choir needs to meet the many requirements of the festival. Choirs need to consist of 20 students or more and have to choose at least one piece of music from the required list of repertoire. A choir must sight-read at the same level as the required piece that was chosen. Rules are also expected to be followed. A major rule that is very important is the type of music that is being performed because the judges and parents don’t want explicit content being used in the songs being sung.

Of course they don’t just go in to the festival unprepared; that might lead to disaster. “We have had to put in tons of work time and preparation for our music to make sure we did well,” said Moore. Overall the whole festival went pretty well, and the TR high school choirs showed that they have what it takes.

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Choral Fest