2016-2017 Staff

Oviana Harper

Staff Writer

This is Oviana’s first year of Journalism. She is a junior with three brothers and three sisters. She enjoys watching the vampire diaries, singing, participating in pageants and cheering. She is in choir and cheerleading. ...

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Alexis Gamble

Staff Writer

Alexis Gamble is a junior at Three Rivers High School. Alexis is currently 15 years old and her birthday is September 16th. Alexis works at Dairy Queen here in Three Rivers. Her favorite artist is Luke Bryan. Her favorite color is p...

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Angel German

Staff Writer

Angel German is a senior this year and is a staff writer in journalism. This is her first year as a staff writer for the school newspaper. She plans on going to Glen Oaks for college so she can enjoy being close to home.

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Darian Martin

Staff Writer

Darian Martin is a junior at Three Rivers High School. Her birthday is February 27th, and she is currently 16 years old. Darian has three younger siblings that she babysits over the summer. She also has one cat and one dog. I...

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Darian Cole

Staff Writer

Darian Cole is a senior and first year journalist. She plays varsity volleyball, is in Aristocrats, is vice president of the senior class, and on the National Honor Society. Her future plans include attending Clemson University...

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Renee Surdick

Staff Writer

Renee is a junior at Three Rivers High School. She likes football, and her favorite teams are The Patriots and Michigan State. Her favorite color is pink, and she likes shopping. She has one cat, three dogs, two younger brothers,...

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Katie Tipton

Staff Writer

Katie Tipton is a sophomore. She enjoys reading, and watching “Steven Universe. “ She has one brother and one sister. She would like to expand her interest, and learn to write better from being in journalism.

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Sidnee Arney

Staff Writer

Sidnee Arney is a junior at TRHS and is in her second year of journalism. She enjoys playing tennis and reading. Her favorite class is history. Sidnee is currently the junior class president.  She is currently undecided for her...

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Samantha Veltrie

Staff Writer

Samantha Veltrie is a senior as well as a new student to journalism. She is very interested in taking the class in question for sole purpose of developing her skills as a writer. She plans to become an author as well as an artist...

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Kaitlin Ritchie

Junior Editor

Kaitlin Ritchie is a junior at Three Rivers High School, and this is her second year in journalism. Some of her interests include varsity soccer which she has played for two years, cross country and playing in the marching band....

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Aria Griffin

Staff Writer

Aria Griffin is a senior this year and is participating in the journalism class for the first time. She plans on going to college to study animation.

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Neil Griffith

Staff Writer

Neil Griffith is a senior this year, and this is his second year of Journalism. He plays baritone in both Marching and Symphony band and enjoys bowling outside of school. His future plans are to attend Northern Michigan University...

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Xaiver Kunz

Photo Editor

Xaiver Kunz is a junior this year at Three Rivers High School.  This is his first year in journalism.  Kunz participates in DECA and qualified for DECA state last year.  During school, he is in Early Middle College and after...

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MaKayla Munn

Staff Writer

MaKayla Munn is a junior this year and staff writer in journalism. This is her first year as a staff writer for the school newspaper. She loves to read, write, and play video games. After high school she plans on going out of...

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Desi Salinas

Staff Writer

Desiree Salinas is a senior this year at TRHS and is in journalism for the first time.  She hopes it will be a fun new experience.  She enjoys knitting and crocheting as hobbies.  Desiree is in choir and aims to go to a technical...

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Ricky Clements

Business Manager

Ricky Clements is a junior this year, second year journalist, and is also the business manager for Journalism. In school, Ricky plays the trumpet in Marching band and concert band. After high school, he plans on attending Western...

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Gigi Gioiosa

Junior Editor

Gigi Gioiosa is a junior this year.This is her second year of journalism and she is also a junior editor this year. She plans on attending St Mary's College to get her degree in teaching English Literature and Writing. Her hobbies...

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