Winter Homecoming Review

Photo by Angel German

Angel German, Staff Writer

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It’s winter time, and we all know what that means; homecoming. From pep assemblies to class competitions, dress up days to varsity sports, nearly every student at TRHS looks forward to homecoming. This year, winter homecoming fell on the week of January 30. Dress up days featured during this winter homecoming were as follows; Monday was jersey day, Tuesday was Harry Potter house day, Wednesday was USA day, Thursday was movie character day, and as always, Friday was purple and white day.

This year, our student council took a new outlook on one of these dress up days. Each grade had a Hogwart’s house to represent their class. Freshman were Hufflepuff; sophomores were Ravenclaw; juniors were Slytherin; and seniors were Gryffindor. Class officers and student council members from each grade decorated an assigned hall to match their Hogwart’s house. Sophomores won the hallway decorating contest with 40 points, juniors came in second, seniors came in third, and the freshman did not decorate the halls.

On Tuesday we also hosted an assembly in which boys and girls from each class competed against each other in the ultimate battle of Quidditch. In the first game, senior girls came out victorious against the sophomore girls. Junior girls then won against freshman girls. Senior girls won against junior girls. Senior boys came out victorious against the sophomore boys. Junior boys then won against freshman boys. Senior boys won against junior boys. In the final Quidditch game during Friday’s assembly, the senior boys came out victorious against the senior girls.

During Friday’s assembly students played pillow jousting, tug of war, and relay races. In tug of war seniors beat the sophomores, juniors beat the freshman, and seniors beat the juniors. For the relay race, students had to spin around five times, dribble a basketball to half court, open a frozen t-shirt and shorts, then wear the clothing, and lastly, make a three-point shot. Seniors came in first for the relay race, juniors came in second, sophomores came in third, and freshman came in fourth.

TRHS also hosted a class competition in which each class was awarded points for students dressing up and for participation in assembly games. Seniors were victorious in this competition, scoring a whopping total of 225 points. Juniors came in second place with 171 points. Sophomores were in third place with 148 points, and freshman came in last place with 70 points.

Friday night at the winter homecoming game, the varsity boys took the lead in the first quarter against Otsego Bulldogs with a score of 20-3. At the half, Cats were ahead 35-27. During the third quarter however, the Bulldogs fought back with a 16-10 run. By the end of the game, the Cats and Bulldogs were tied with a score of 55-55. The Cats and Bulldogs tied once again during the first overtime with a score of 61-61. During the second overtime, the Cats finally pulled off the lead and maintained it, winning with a final score of 70-67, and bringing our winter homecoming to a spectacular close.

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Winter Homecoming Review