Rogue One Preview

Ricky Clements, Staff Writer

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“Star Wars” is the series of movies that are real favorites for everyone young and old. The most recent “Star Wars” movie made was “The Force Awakens,” which was a continuation of the original six movies, but it also featured new heroes and new villains. “Rogue One,” the newest “Star Wars” film, is the first stand-alone movie of the films from Lucasfilm. “Rogue One” is set shortly before the events of the original “Star Wars, A New Hope.” The movie follows a group of rebel spies on a mission to steal design schematics for the Galactic Empire’s new weapon, the Death Star. “Rogue One” features the return of the most iconic character of the “Star Wars” franchise, Darth Vader. “Rogue One” is planned to be the first “Star Wars” Anthology series, which means the movies stand alone and away from the other ones.
The idea for the movie was originally pitched for the film 10 years before the development of it by the visual effects supervisor for the prequel trilogy, John Knoll. After the Disney acquisition, he decided to pitch the idea again. Disney liked the idea, and then in May 2014 it was announced that Gareth Edwards would direct the film, and Gary Whitta would be writing the script. “Rogue One” was filmed in a number of filming locations around the world, including Laamu Atoll in the Maldives, as well as Iceland and Jordan. Film producer Gareth Edwards confirmed that the London Underground station Canary Wharf tube station was used for Death Star scenes in the movie.
Making history, “Rogue One” will be the first “Star Wars” movie to not include the legendary John Williams as the composer or the rolling credits at the beginning of the movie, but the themes he’s already created aren’t going anywhere. In Williams’s place Michael Giacchino will be the composer for the film, but Giacchino has stated that he has already incorporated Williams’s themes from the previous films into his score. “Rogue One” is projected to gross $100-$150 million in its opening weekend. However, Disney and Lucasfilm did not expect “Rogue One” to match “The Force Awakens” total gross of $2.1 billion, nor its $248 million opening weekend. Pre-tickets for “Rogue One” went on sale at midnight on November 28, 2016 and crashed ticket sale sites within 10 minutes just like “The Force Awakens” had done the year prior. In its first 24 hours, the film had the second-highest ever number of pre-sale tickets sold, behind only “The Force Awakens.” “Rogue One” makes its big screen debut in Europe at the Dubai International Film Festival on December 14, 2016, and in North America on December 16, 2016. “Rogue One” is a history-making “Star Wars” film that you don’t want to miss out on. To all “Star Wars” fans, may the force be with you.

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Rogue One Preview