Wildcat Marching Band Heads to MSBOA Festival

Ricky Clements, Business Manager

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Every year the TRHS Wildcat marching band goes and competes at something called MSBOA festival. MSBOA stands for Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association. Marching bands from all over district 11 go to a high school, location tends to vary each year, and they perform their halftime shows. At festival, marching bands are adjudicated by three judges one in each category: music, marching and general effect showmanship. A final rating is then determined by a predominance of ratings. The ratings bands can receive range from a division five, which is the worst, to a division one, which is the best rating a band can get.

On October 18, the Wildcat marching band headed to Coldwater high school to perform at the MSBOA district 11 marching band festival. For the seniors of the band, participating in their last marching band festival can cause mixed emotions. “I was a very proud senior to get a division one at my last marching band festival,” said senior Haidyn Barnett- Smedziuk. The Wildcat marching band goes to the MSBOA festival every year so it is one event that they look forward to every year, and after being in the marching band for four years, the festival seems to be a part of your life. Not being able to do it again can be somewhat depressing. “Not being able to do MSBOA marching festival is going to be different but I personally thought it was one of my best performances I have done,” said Barnett- Smedziuk. For most of the band students, marching band is their life and not being able to continue past the four years at TRHS can be a little saddening. “I’ve done marching band for four years now and band has been a huge part of my life so I will definitely miss the MSBOA festival,” said Barnett- Smedziuk. To freshmen MSBOA can be a little scary with not knowing what is going to happen. “With it being my first MSBOA, it was fun and I liked it a lot, but it was also nerve-wracking at the same time,” said freshmen Sadie Benson.

As the band’s historic season comes to an end, they look back to one of the best seasons that the TRHS Wildcat marching band has ever had. Their over 120 rehearsal hours makes the record-setting and award-winning season well worth everything leading up to getting their highest score at MSBOA festival. In addition, receiving a division one makes the seniors feel that their last season ended on the highest note possible.

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Wildcat Marching Band Heads to MSBOA Festival