Favorite Marvel Heroes

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MaKayla Munn, Staff Writer

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“Excelsior!” Since Stan Lee made his first comic in 1961, Marvel has been famous for creating popular superheroes like Spiderman, Hulk and the X-Men. Marvel used to only make comics, but in 1986 they started making their first Marvel movie, “Howard the Duck.” Most people only know about the MCU version of the movies, which stands for Marvel Cinematic Universe, like the 2008 “Iron Man” and early “Spiderman.” Now that most people know what Marvel is, they have many fans throughout the world that have their favorite superheroes figured out. TRHS students and teachers also have their favorite superheroes:

“Luke Cage because I love the story line and he is invisible.” –Junior, Dhruvil Patel

“Spiderman because he swings from building to building.” –Junior, Mohammad Abuhaltam

“Ironman is just awesome and Black Panther cause he’s a good fighter.” –Senior, Ryan Jackson

“Spiderman because he’s funny, and you can relate to him cause he’s a teenager.” –Junior, Azacharia Hubbard

“Captain America cause at the end of the day, he’s a good guy.” –Mr. Balzer

“Deadpool cause he’s facetious.” –Junior, Cole Burpee

“Ironman because he relies on technology rather than strange powers.” –Junior, Jacob Jaseph

“Thor because of his enormous strength, and he reminds me of me. He’s noble, bold, heroic, and has a sense of morality.” –Mr. Kuiper

“Wolverine. I can connect and relate to the character in a way that life sucks for him, and he keeps going. I do the same thing.” –Senior, Cassie Benthin

“Deadpool because MaKayla likes Deadpool.” –Senior, Janelle Sussdorf

“Ironman because he’s like me, smart and hopefully one day, rich.” –Senior, Matt Paavola

“Ironman.” –Freshman, James Davis

“Deadpool cause he’s lit.” –Junior, Sam Riley

“Scarlet Witch. She’s just cool; her powers are cool.” –Senior, Anthony Fund

“Ironman.” –Senior, Sam Sigman

“Thor because he’s hot.”­­-Junior, Courteney Munn

“Captain America because of his patriotism, and he is always on the side of what’s right, not the side that’s easiest.” –Mr. Swanwick

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Favorite Marvel Heroes