TRHS Cheerleading

Oviana Harper, Staff Writer

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Lets! Go! Cats!  Three Rivers High school has a JV and a varsity cheer team..

Even though there are two different teams, it does not make the two less of a cheer family. JV and varsity cheerleaders practice together, and they go to each other’s games to cheer them on. “JV and varsity are a cheer family we get along really well,” said senior Olivia Guy.

The cheerleaders work very hard to do what they do; They cheer on the football players, and they get the crowd excited to make sure the Cats win. The cheerleaders practice two hours every weekday, using that time to practice motions, chants, tumbling, and usually everyone’s favorite crowd cheers. “Cheer is a lot of hard work; in the beginning we learned the basics, and it was a lot easier. Now we condition a lot,” said junior Taylor White.

Cheering is not just a sport to these girls. Cheer is a lifestyle, meaning these girls even go home thinking about cheer. They practice their motions, and they say their chants at home. The dedication does not stop at cheer practice. “Cheer is more like a family to me, it’s all about trusting each other. Cheer makes me a happier and more dedicated person,” said sophomore Summer Guthrie. Most of these girls cheer outside of sideline and will also be doing competitive cheer this winter.

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TRHS Cheerleading