Miguel Garcia Fernandez

Xaiver Kunz, Photo Editor

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Three Rivers High School participates in a program called the foreign exchange student program. This is a program where students from other countries can come to school here for half a year to a year. One student who took advantage of this program is Miguel Garcia Fernandez. Fernandez is only 15 and already taking advantage of this exchange program. The program could help him a great deal in the future.

Fernandez is from Spain and said Spain’s schools are very different from the schools here. In schools in Spain, the students sit in one classroom, and they have teachers that come to them. “In Spain if I don’t have friends in my first class, then there will be none all year, but here I have six classes to possibly have friends in,” said Fernandez. Fernandez lives with Jason and Charlene Corwin in Three Rivers. There he has a dog that he tends to walk often when he has nothing to do. He misses home sometimes, but something always cheers him up. When he first got here, he thought that America was just a mix of a few cultures, but now he has realized that America has its own culture.

Fernandez participates in a few activities here. One of them is soccer. “I liked to play soccer, but now that the season is over, I have time after school to hang out with friends and walk my dog,” he said. He has always wanted to play basketball, so he is excited to try out for the basketball team this year. He has always enjoyed it, but basketball is just not that big in Spain.

He likes it here, but some mornings he gets homesick and misses his friends and family. One thing he doesn’t miss a lot is the food. “I love the food here,” he said. He doesn’t like to eat only healthy things, and he enjoys some of the junk food we have here.

Miguel is excited for the end of the school year this year though because he gets a whole month to stay in the U.S. and have fun with his friends after school gets out. Then he will return to Spain. “I will be glad to see my friends and family when I get back though,” he said. He also noted that schools wouldn’t be in season when he got back and was excited for that too.

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Miguel Garcia Fernandez