JJ Wagner

Photo by Lexi Jacobs

Lexi Jacobs, Staff Writer

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The bright lights, the smell of sweat, and the roar of a crowd is an atmosphere that Coach JJ Wagner has been around for 25 years now. Wagner has coached football in Mendon, Colon, and Three Rivers, where he’s stayed for the last 18 years. All 18 of those years he’s coached varsity, and for the past 11 he’s been head coach. “I enjoy teaching the game and being around young people. It makes getting old seem a little slower,” said Wagner. He lived in Mendon where he played football and won championships his senior year. This year’s team has been the smallest we’ve had in 18 years, but the team has given their all this season and put up good fights. “We just have to take it one step at a time, like a ladder,” said Wagner. With the season coming to an end, Wagner plans to prepare for next year and continue his coaching career.

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JJ Wagner